Simply mention @DrawThisTweet in your tweet and it’ll draw what you write.
Mention in a reply and it’ll draw the tweet you replied to.

Images are shown with a watermark, but you can buy it without for £3. Click the link in the tweet and then click the image you want.

Gold membership is available from £5 per month which lets you view all images watermark free and also get your tweets processed first: See Here

There is some advanced usage commands too that you can put in your reply tweets.:

[root@DrawThisTweet ~]# @DrawThisTweet --help
Usage: @DrawThisTweet [+extra text] [//comment]
Mention me in a Reply or Quote Tweet & I'll draw the Tweet.
Include up to 4 images for them to be used as a seed.
If no images are attached then previous or quoted tweet images are used.
Use hashtag #DenAI in any tweet to me to deny the bot access to images in your tweets. (it's not possible for blocking to work)
Click the link in the reply for Watermark free, some buttons to automatically add the below replies, Enhancement and NFT mint etc.
Please keep prompts family-friendly. Very Adult images will be removed or replaced by kittens
Doesn't work with DM, but please DM to request removal of any you created or if your face appears.
Optional Arguments:
+ Add extra text to previous tweet
// Ignore following Text
/DM Use Dalle-Mini(Mega/Craiyon)
/DD [1-4] DoubleDip! Use Dalle-Mini first, then Stablediffusion. Optional number is the amount of images to double.
/NOCR Don't read the images for text
/OCR Read the images for text, but don't use the images, only the text (this is default if there is a lot of text)
/Me Use your profile image, with no other text will also use description
/You Use profile image or replied-to or quoted tweet author.
/NoMedia or /more Don't use Images/Videos from previous tweet.
/style & /nostyle Use (or don't use) Prompt-Extend to enhance the prompt to make it look like AI Art (automatically when drawing the tweet above)
Commands when replying to our images:
/more for more using the same prompt (Ignores any images from previous).
/more [something else] to draw "something else", ignoring previous images
/draw (on it's own) draw the above tweet, including images.(More steps with new seed)
/draw [something else] to draw "something else", but uses attached images from previous.
/draw [1-4] ... Uses one image from the previous tweet as the base for all.
/split [1-4] ... Uses one image from the previous or current tweet then splits it into 4. Omit number to do the first. Works best with landscape oriented images.
Any text with the above commands will replace the prompt (use + to add)
Commands when replying to or including any jpg/png images:
/enhance [Image num (1-4)] AI Enhance image (see below)
/objects Detect & mark objects
/replace object with ... Uses inpainting to replace 'object'
/replace ... Uses inpainting to replace largest detected object.
Replaces up to 4 images, but only one object per image. ANY IMAGES CONTAINING FACES MUST SECURE THEIR PERMISSION FIRST!
Seed Commands The seed is the "random" number the bot uses to create the image. Use the same seed & prompt you get nearly the same image again!
[Image number 1-4]=Seed(100+) eg. 2=65432 Set seed for image, miss out image number to set all 4
[Image number 1-4]== eg. 2== Set to the same as last time (if replying to our images). Miss out Image Number to set all to their last. Note: Running an image through twice doesn't give a better result. It's not *exactly* the same each time.
Temporarily Disabled, await annoucements:
/age [Image number (1-4)] Age(0-99) Run age changing AI (Requires a face)
AI Model for image generation is StableDiffusion @StableDiffusion
and/or "Dalle-Mega" from @borisdayma (Same as
Image enhancement uses Real-ESRGAN with Face Enhancement turned on:
Please also follow @DrawToWin for competitions!