When using our Twitter bot service, it is essential to understand the rate limits imposed by Twitter and how we manage these limitations. This blog post will explain the Twitter API posting limits, the daily limit of 2400 tweets, and how we prioritize users to provide the best experience possible.

Twitter API Posting Limits:

Twitter imposes certain limits on its API to prevent abuse and maintain the quality of its platform. One of these limitations is the daily tweet limit, which restricts users from sending more than 2400 tweets per day. This limit is further divided into 20-minute chunks, ensuring that the platform remains available and responsive throughout the day.

Gold Users Take Priority:

To provide a premium experience, our Gold users enjoy priority access to our Twitter bot service. By purchasing a Gold membership at https://drawtt.com/shop, you can ensure that your requests are prioritized over other users. This means that your tweets are more likely to be sent within the rate limits imposed by Twitter.

User Prioritization Based on Usage:

After prioritizing Gold users, we categorize the remaining users based on their usage within the past 4 hours. Users are grouped into blocks of 4, with the first to fourth usage given the highest priority. This ensures that our service remains accessible and efficient for all users, even during periods of high demand.

Handling Twitter Daily Limit Exceedance:

In the rare event that our service reaches Twitter’s daily tweet limit, some users may not receive their results as a tweet. If this occurs, you can still check your result by visiting https://drawtt.com/findtweet. Gold users, however, will have their tweets automatically retried once the Twitter service resumes, ensuring that they receive their results as quickly as possible.


Understanding rate limits and user prioritization is crucial for making the most of our Twitter bot service. By becoming a Gold user, you can enjoy priority access and a premium experience. And by being aware of usage blocks and how to access your results when the daily limit is reached, you can continue to enjoy our service with minimal disruption.